Coaching Staff
Pamela Crockett –  Head Coach 
Pamela Crockett, better known as “Coach Pam” is the dedicated Head Coach of Full Speed Athletics and mentor to many young people in the community.  A leader by example, she has assisted each of her three children to the highest level of competition with all three elevating to the Junior Olympics.  Jeryne Fish elevated to All-American in the three most competitive sectors of track & field -- AAU, USATF and New Balance Nationals; #7 in the nation in the long jump; #1 in the District of Columbia in the Long Jump and 100M Hurdles; holds the District of Columbia Long Jump Record; broke 9 school records; owns 5 meet and one facility record; four consecutive all-conference selections; two consecutive Washington-Post All-Met selections; and was one the most decorated athlete in her high school’s 115 year history. Jahre Fish is an accomplished jumper who won the national title in the triple jump and earned all-conference recognition in football. Jerlan Fish is an All-American high jumper and pent athlete. 
An experienced athlete herself, Coach Pam, was christened on the track at just 10 years old.  A member of an accomplished track family – she is the younger sister of National Record Holder and University of Virginia famed quarter-miler Tracy Crockett; and cousin of University of Kentucky superstar sprinter, Jewel Fuller.  Coach Pam worked extremely hard as she did not possess the same natural ability.  Her talents crystallized in college where she became a City, State and Regional Champion Scholar/Athlete.  Having competed in every race from 55M - 3000M; traveled throughout the country; worked with world class coaches and even once competing against Jamaican Olympian and World Indoor 200M Record Holder, Grace Jackson -- Coach Pam brings a vast breadth of knowledge, experience and talent to FSA. 
Coach Pam’s philosophy is simple “sports is just the door, the discipline, drive, focus, dedication, determination and sportsmanship – regardless of the outcome -- will take you around the world on the track or field and more importantly beyond!”
Pamela’s tenure as a coach with FSA expands her participation to over three decades as an athlete, parent, coach and friend of the sport. 
Coach Pam is a proud University of Michigan Law School alum (M GO BLUE!).

Maurice Johnson -- Assistant Coach
Maurice Johnson, is a recognized pillar in our community having lent this expertise to youth sports and education for the past five (5) years.  Beginning as a parent, he quickly ascended to the highest level of coaching committed to excellence of all athletes. Under Maurice each year you see kids elevate to elite status when the year before they struggled to make competitive meets.  Maurice goes above and beyond to recruit new members and lends his support wherever needed to help the organization run smoothly. Maurice is also responsible for instituting, implementing, setting up, and overseeing workshops and lectures, workouts, competitions and more.  Maurice has garnered the respect of coaches, as well as parents and the community in generally.  Maurice specifically focuses on encouraging young people in Prince George’s County toward higher education.  

Ecola Virgi -- Assistant Coach
Ecola Virgil is an outstanding leader, who started as a supportive mom and became a full fledge supporter, participant and then coach of Full Speed Athletics.  In the last two years Ecola has traveled over 3,000 miles to assure that our athletes compete in the most prestigious youth track meets in the country.  Ecola is an assistant coach who is likewise on hand to assist Pamela at every level.  Ecola has spearheaded the  younger children where she saw National Competition for most of her athletes and almost all of them excel.  Ecola has the patience and dedication to keep our smallest athletes, interested and ready.  Ecola chaperones kids at out of town meets and commits to national travel annually bringing unyielding dedication, support, commitment, love and tenacity to the organization.

Ronae' Pierre -- Assistant Coach
Ronae Pierre, is a former athlete and unsuspecting mom who just desired her son to compete, but transformed her energy into coaching.  During our indoor and outdoor seasons (as well as in between) Ronae is geared towards getting athletes to competition (both physically and logistically) at the highest levels possible. Her heart and energy instantly made her a leader.  In addition to serving as an assistant coach, Ronae singlehandedly drafts letters, e-mails, information packets and whatever else is needed to get our children ready for competitions.  This entails assuring that all logistics are in place from uniforms, to readiness to travel.  

Robert Steward, Sr. -- Assistant Coach
Robert Steward likewise started out as a parent and did the unthinkable.  He took the high jump, one of the most skilled events in track & field and turned the organization into JUMP USA!  Robert clearly knows sports and he knows and loves kids.  He coaches not just the high jump but long and short sprints.  Robert is dedicated to putting plans to paper and then action to elevate our kids to the highest level of competition.  Working with children from ages 6-18, Robert assures that each of the children participates in a national competition for the fun and experience.